Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 15 - New Media / Virtual Worlds

What is beauty? What defines beauty? What makes something or someone beautiful? During this week in art 100, we watched a little bit of Hamlet. And this movie defines beauty. Beauty is a lie, women wearing make up; their beauty wearing make up is a lie. I see women not wearing make up not beautiful. It is covering their natural beauty.  Because of the media society perception changes. Whatever we see women on the movies, advertisements, and media we define most of them beautiful. Because of this we believe that all women should be like them. Society suffers because of this. Everyone gets in the band wagon and want to look beautiful. They start to change there appearances. Everyone has there own charm. And it does not come from the media, it comes from yourself.

Week 14 - Images that Think

Today in art 100, we received our to do list of projects. There were so many to choose from. I wanted to do and go to all of them. Some included projects and museums visits. They all looked fun and exciting. the P3 which are 34 points each LACMA, MOCA Grand Ave. or Little Tokyo not Pacific Design Center, Getty Center, Getty Villa ,Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, Hammer Museum, Westwood, Long Beach Museum of Art, and Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City. So many museums to choose from. The P4 projects were Sculpture Experience, Painting Experience (Graffiti Writing at Venice Beach Legal Art Walls), Earth Art Project, and Photography Project (Time based photo project). They all sound so much fun! And lastly, a Counter factual Identity project that you'll post on through Facebook. I only have done and gone to some of these, however it is worth another go.

Week 12 - Documentary Film: Terminal 5

This week in Art 100, we had a pot luck again! Also, we watched a Documentary Film: Terminal 5. It was an interesting film. It really sucks because it was not successful because I would have loved to go see it. Also would like to see John F. Kennedy airport. I really like each of there art from great artists. It gave me a little bit of modern art. I like how they did not destroy the building in use of a new terminal 5 for faster airplane flow. However used the preserved the building to have an exhibit. It saddens me because the documentary showed the artists' art come out and how they did it and now there is no more of it. I think they should of added more security so that they could not touch the art work or not even have a party at all. 

Camera Obscura

Pin Hole
Camera Obscura

Cheap wood
wood glue
Paint (Black)
Aluminum can
Dark Room
Photo Paper

I really like to take pictures. Not with phones, however it is a really nice way to point and shoot. Someday I wish to own a SLR camera. Not only do I like to take pictures with an SLR camera. I like and take black and white photograph. It gives a sense of how people who invited cameras took their pictures, black and white. I always wonder what is a world with out colors? Black and white photographs shows me.
Test Strip 
Negative Photographs

As you can see this photograph is under exposed too much because of  the white space.
Positives Photograph

Monday, December 5, 2011

Getty Center not the Getty Villa

When I was younger, I have been to the Getty Center with my cousin and brother. I remember going and hated the place because I thought it was for old people. I did not really enjoy myself walking around looking at art. Always playing around the water fountains, I enjoyed the water fountains and I still do. However the tram is pretty exciting. Now, as i grew up and now went to the Getty Center. I relived my memories, but I enjoyed it differently. It was a different experience now that I went. I enjoyed all their exhibits and all the artists' works. I especially enjoyed their nature walk around the plants and flowers. I remember always making a wish and trying to make a basket in the middle of the ring. It brought back so much memories when I was younger doing it now. Anyways there are so much art! Their security is very tight. You are not able to touch anything or cannot pass a certain line to view the art and there is a security guard in every corner.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getty Villa not the Center

When I heard there was a Getty Villa I was shocked. I never knew there was a Getty Villa. I only went to the Getty Center and heard about the Getty Center. I really like the Getty Center and now I like the Getty Villa, as well. I honestly thought it was the same when I heard there were both. But it is really different. Lots of art! It has a two floor gallery and a restaurant! After going to the Getty Villa I could see the similar parts of the both. I heard it was the owners home and made his collection of art in his home. You can even make art yourself. I had a lot of fun and I will defiantly will go again.

Earth Art - Griffith Park

My family and I always take a hike every Friday at Griffith Park. It is known for it's observatory center, however there are multiple hiking trails in front of the it. It is about a one and half hour hike from the observatory center to the top. We go when the sun is not up so it would not be sweating and fewer people because parking is a pain. From recent weather condition it has been very chilly. Also due to heavy winds there were leaves and branches everywhere. With one of the branches, I used it to create a trail from the start to the top. It was also my walking stick to help me to the top of the mountain. However, walking at this trail I realized nature created earth art. The gusts left behind huge amounts of leaves and branches on the ground. Also I noticed that people hiked on a mountain to make a trail. So they looked like steps. It was a faster route, instead of walking around the mountain you can climb this man made steps to a certain point. At a certain point we rested a I saw some of the area did not have electricity and it made me remember our art project of no electricity.